Global Risk Solutions


This freelance service caters to big and small organizations, including private individuals to assist them with their special projects and initiatives.

I offer business clients with research and analytical updates on current and ongoing global and geopolitical trends that impact their competitive advantage, business operations, positioning and marketing strategies. This can consist of a combination of business and global risk analysis reports, consulting, and tailored solutions.


  • Draft and organize geopolitical and country risk reports for clients looking to operate in the global arena.
  • Spearhead due diligence processes and protocols for clients.
  • Develop competitive intelligence, research, and analysis for clients.
  • Provide clients with consultation and updates regarding the latest business, marketing, and political developments affecting their global business interests and operations.
  • Development and Operational Consulting.
  • Business and political monitoring.
  • Relationship building, representation, and liaison work.

I look forward to helping you gain a competitive advantage in your endeavors.