How I Work


The First Step:

  • We discuss the project during our initial consultation. I provide a price estimate on the project and when we decide to work together, we iron out the details.


  • Once we iron out the details of the project, we will sign a contract that outlines what we I agree on. It can also be via E-mail confirmation as well.
  • Each project will usually come with a set of basic services that include up to two draft revisions, industry and competitor research, interviewing the client, and miscellaneous consultations with the client regarding the project. Other services may apply based on what we agree on.


  • For flat rate fee projects, 1/3 initial down payment is due upfront prior to working on the project. The remaining payment installments will be due throughout the course of the project as agreed between all parties involved.
  • Payment plans for hourly rates, flat-rate fees, retainer packages, and pay-per-word are negotiable.
  • PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, checks or debit cards, and cash are accepted


  • Pricing is usually done on a per-project basis. Although, hourly rates, retainer packages, and pay-per-word plans are negotiable.

Getting It All Done:

  • Work can be submitted via E-mail, LinkedIn, Google Cloud, mail delivery, or in person. Final versions will be submitted to the client via E-mail/digital file or on a CD if requested.


  • Written communications with clients are usually done via E-mail or online platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Oral communications can be done by telephone or online platforms like Google Hangouts and Skype.