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The purpose of this media page is two-fold. First, it will serve as a web portal for each of my blog series in order to make access a lot easier for the reader. Second, I will post links to any media contributions I may have on other websites to help publish and promote my work. In addition, I hope it will also help spur interest and attention regarding the work and mission of those sites as well.


Three blog series that pertain to my career interests, passions, and areas of professional focus mixed with some thought, analysis, and opinion. Each of these blog series are dedicated to exploring these topics and the latest issues impacting them.


















Rising Geopolitical Tensions and the CoVid-19 Crisis Raises Concerns Over CPEC’s Future — North Star Support Group — July 28, 2020

This article is a geopolitical analysis for North Star Support Group. It discusses China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is facing significant setbacks due to the new international norms caused by the growing impact of the CoVid-19 pandemic and global economic slowdown that has occurred these last several months. In fact, the. In fact, the economic and financial structuring of the Belt and Road Initiative has shown severe weaknesses in the way in which the BRI was originally formed.

China and ASEAN’s Restructuring Reality in Light of the USMCA Trade Deal — Fulcrum Global (SDSS Publication) — July 24, 2020

This article discusses that the new USMCA trade deal is a U.S. National Security Strategy that is aimed at countering the rise of great power competition with China and other nations.

Managing Conflict Escalation With Iran as Trump De-escalates the China Dispute — Fulcrum Global (SDSS Publication) — February 27, 2020

This article discusses the recent string of clashes between the U.S., Iran, and the heightened level of proxy warfare being waged by Iran’s IRGC during the last half of 2019 and into the beginning of 2020. It also discusses the enhanced retaliations implemented by the Trump administration that either serves as a conflict diffusor catalyst or just the new normal in conflict escalation management between the U.S. and Iran with Iraq in the middle. 

Fall of a Brutal Leader — Asian Affairs Magazine — December 2019 Issue (Digital and Print) – December 2019 Issue – Pages 12-13

This article for the December 2019 issue of Asian Affairs Magazine focuses on the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Key talking points discussed are the possible resurgence in ISIS operations as they sort out their new leadership hierarchy post Baghdadi and the US effort to help Asian allies to combat the threat in vulnerable regions like in the Philipines.

New Friction Between the U.S., Iran, and China Makes Cyber Warfare More Attractive — Fulcrum Global (SDSS Publication) — September 14, 2019

This article discusses the latest tensions between the U.S. and Iran with an emphasis on how it impacts China’s strategic interests in the region and how it impacts the growing trade war and great power competition it has with the United States. In addition, it discusses the expanding cyberwar between the two nations and the likeliness of it escalating into a kinetic war in the near future.

Esper Faces A Formidable Foe — Asian Affairs Magazine — September 2019 Issue (Digital and Print)

This article discusses new U.S. Secretary of Defence Mark Esper and his approach to dealing with Iran and the cyber, nuclear, proxy war, and China issues tied to it. This piece was co-authored.

Battling to the Top – Huawei — Asian Affairs Magazine — May 2019 Issue (Digital and Print)

This article consists of three experts/authors in Asia, Europe, and the US who give their perspectives on the claims that the Chinese telecoms giant, Huawei, poses a global security risk.

6 Effective Tips for Starting a Small Business and Saving Money While Doing It — Self Informed (NASE Publication) — January 2019 Issue 

This article was written to offer advice to both current entrepreneurs and those considering to start their own businesses from scratch. It goes about offering ideas on how to get it started without having to pay a large overhead cost.

Early Airstrike Warning System Helps Save Syrian Lives — Overture Global — November 2018 Issue #2 (Digital and Print)

This article discusses how Hala Systems was founded as a way to serve as an early warning system for civilians in war-torn regions of the world, particularly in Syria, by incorporating data algorithms, blockchain technology, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and social media.

Status on U.S. Space Force Creation and its Geopolitical Implications – Intelligence Brief #6 — Fulcrum Global (SDSS Publication) — August 24, 2018

This brief report looks at the recent decision to build a U.S. space force, how it’s being established, and why it’s being implemented as a policy.

Renewed Russian Sanctions and its Impact on the China-Russia Relationship — Fulcrum Global (SDSS Publication) — September 1, 2017

This article discusses the renewed sanctions that the U.S. placed on the Russian Federation and issues surrounding that decision.