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InvestopediaA long term project and initiative of mine has been to improve my knowledge and mindset of all things pertaining to the world of business, finance, and investing in the U.S. and abroad. In particular, the world of stock market trading and investing has been a great interest of mine for quite a while. Having worked in the mid to late 2000s for an investment management firm (a hedge fund) doing legal compliance and account opening has provided me with a greater appreciation on the importance of  being educated and knowledgeable in these fields. The 2008-2009 financial crisis was a real eye opener for me as I experienced first-hand the decimation of the New York City financial sector. It’s now recovered but back then it was a blood bath for professionals in the finance industry and the investments of individuals and entities worldwide. Too much of a good thing and complacency mixed with a heavy dose of unaccountability and greed created a new era of cautiousness and renewed bullish behavior in the stock market.

Whether you are a professional or a novice, it’s important to continue gaining knowledge and the mindset needed for dealing in these areas. After all, I’m assuming that the world is not going to end anytime soon and that means anything business, finance, and investing related will probably continue for a very long time. Anything stock market, business, and investing related will be recurring themes throughout our lives, so we might as well take better initiative in understanding it to improve our decision making. We owe it to ourselves to achieve this as it will greatly impact our leveraging in life.

However, a lot of people tend to shy away from this stuff as it does sound very complicated and scary to the point of feeling like we’re in over our heads. If that’s the case then you probably are in over your head! That’s ok! However, do not let it keep you from pursuing a better understanding of these areas as it will greatly impact your life decisions. So take a breather, take a few steps back to get your bearings and start slowly knowing that every little nugget of knowledge earned is a lifelong victory and investment.

So it’s up to us to improve our knowledge and mindset, especially in a changing world where industries, social-economic-security structures, and global balance of power are changing rapidly. The 21st century is nearly two decades complete and we are now witnessing signs and trends that indicate the international system will consist of multiple super powers with greater influence in global politics, economics, and security than seen in recent times. The last time we’ve witnessed this period was the end of the First World War where countries and empires disappeared instantly, ending the old world order while sparking changes and events that would eventually lead to the international system that characterized the 20th century and early 2000s.

The world is changing rapidly while getting more competitive and savvy. That alone is a mindset worth investing in one’s long term growth. We either stay in the past or we go forward and adapt while respecting and understanding our history of victories, failures, and periods of stagnation. In addition there are many valuable and educational resources on the web that can help get a better understanding of things that are business, finance, and investing related. As a hobby and great interest of mine, I’ve taken time to learn and research to better understand the functions and mindsets of the stock market and world of business and entrepreneurship. I find as a person who also has a background in foreign affairs and national security issues, I can better understand the bigger picture when reviewing market trends, industries, and events as they can apply very easily to real world political, social, economic, and security issues. The adventure continues!

Other than staying abreast of these areas, I like to experiment with the virtual stock trading simulations on Investopedia (in real time) which have become a daily routine for me since the beginning of my last semester in graduate school (January 2017) while working on my thesis. I can assure you I have made a lot of mistakes but learned a lot from doing it while not risking real money. Doing the Investopedia simulation has not only helped me learn how markets and the volatility of trends work, but it has taught me a great deal in learning the various concepts, trading and investing strategies, and mindsets involved in buying, selling, and shorting stocks, including the purchase of call and put options. I’ve dabbled with various trading and investing strategies in the stock simulation while incorporating a hybrid combination of day-swing trading and short-long term investing strategies and philosophies. I’ve gradually been developing my trading and investing identity but it’s still a work in progress.

Anyway, this will be among several long term projects and initiatives I hope to share on this website. I’ll also be writing on this every once in a while to share thoughts and opinions regarding my experiences in the Investopedia stock market trading and investing simulation as well as regarding the world of business and entrepreneurship. This will of course be in addition to the OTHER stuff that this website is also meant for as well. So enjoy and be committed to learning how the world works…Good luck!

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Name of Simulation: Investopedia Stock Only Game 2017

Current Rank: #5 out of over 50,000 participants/portfolios (as of 11/15/2017)


Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 2.06.17 PMDescription: Currently there are 50,000 participants/portfolios in this particular simulation with starting capital of $1 million in the game. This simulation deals with real time market changes and allows for buying, selling, and shorting stocks. It also allows for options and margin trading as well. Other simulations may have different rules, strategies, and focus themes. Some simulations focus on options, while others may have greater restrictions to make trading more realistic.  There are even games that incorporate the Warren Buffet investing strategy too. So check it out!