Welcome Letter


I’d like to welcome you to my website. You will find that a combination of my professional and personal interests are being represented here. This also includes my professional and academic credentials. My background is related to a wide range of issues, themes, and skills that I think enables me to have a unique perspective when determining potential risk, opportunity, and solutions. In addition it has enabled me to work and manage projects that have the potential of crossing over into various themes and fields. Whether it is foreign affairs, geopolitics, and national security related, or being business, entrepreneurial, and finance related, I find a way to utilize it and work with the employer and/or client to reach a favorable outcome.

I’ve long committed myself to understanding all things pertaining to foreign affairs, global security, intelligence, and political risk related. I find they tend to overlap with each other, including areas of business, entrepreneurship, and stock market investing which are becoming great interests and hobbies of mine. I recently completed my M.A. masters degree in National Security Studies with a Concentration in Security and Intelligence Analysis at American Military University (AMU), which is part of the American Public University System. The graduate program at AMU was a terrific experience that enabled me to build and develop my backgrounds in foreign affairs, geopolitics, national security, and intelligence. I worked prior to getting my masters degree and specifically waited until I found the degree that was a right fit for me and am very proud to have accomplished it.

In addition, my media blog will also be covering both my professional and personal interests, from great power politics to security, defense, and strategic issues affecting U.S. preponderance in the new international system that is rapidly forming in this era. There will also be references to my blog posts regarding my hobbies and interests of business, entrepreneurship, and stock market investing which may occasionally correlate with an article on something geopolitical and national security related or just stand alone. Either way, I intend this media blog to being an interesting and thoughtful read for everyone!

Once again, welcome to this site and I hope you find the content both interesting and relevant to your endeavors.